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Fabric is like a Diamond

Drapes color blue

Fabric is like a diamond in the ruff, you can use it to make your room a one of a kind. Fabric can take all shapes, as plain as you want or one with style and a ray of color. Fabric on a window or for a bed cover will make any room look inviting and welcoming.

Fabric comes in many styles, textures and colors, some are for windows, chairs and duvet covers some even are for the outdoors items.

A home becomes the center of your identity. Decorate your home in a highly personal manner gives guest an insight of your individuality. A home is your retreat, a way of showing your style. This is a way of showing your like and style, your independent of your social constructs.

Dream big and create an interior that is something you would be proud to show off.

Try new fabric patterns and color. Floral patterns can be use indoors a well as outdoors. Bring in the great outdoors by using sunbrella fabric on the patio and same floral pattern to match indoors.

Here is a few ways to help update the looks and to make your home look new and more in style.

Pillows: Using custom pillows of different color and pattern in a room at different times of the year will give a room new life with out having to redo the hold room. Try this with a bed or a hallway bench it will give them new life also.

Bed Linens: Mix up the linens on your bed to create a new look. Mix and match color and pattern will give your bed a new lease on life. Work with colors to give your bed a special look.

Windows: Switching out a window treatment will bring a new style to a room that is looking tired. You can add trim to windows treatment to make it look new . Trim on a pillows is easy way to make them look new also. Trim around a lamp shades for your room will make it engaging also help bring out the new look all around for the room..


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