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The Art of Embroidery

Embroidery was an art completed by hand and started to be use in London England in 1800 for nobles to beautify their clothing. This was a way for young girls to learn a skill as well as conveying rank and social standing.

The first hand embroidery machine was invented by a Frenchman Josue Heilmann and then 20 years later Isaac Singer in 1846 patented the first sewing machine. In 1911 Singer Sewing Company developed the first multi-head embroidery machine. In 1980, Wilcom introduced the first computerized software for embroidery designs for both home and small business embroidery. Advances in computer technology make it possible to stitch everything from lace to leather in fraction of the time it would take if done by hand.

Embroidery has developed over the year's to become the work of many all over the world.

There is good embroidery and bad embroidery as well as good and bad embroidery technician. Skill is what make a good technician and a good embroidery. Flow my post, learn how to ask for and get good embroidery.

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