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I am not a interior designer and I will not try to be .I will give you some information about fabric so that you can make a better choose when planning to redecorate your home. My wife and I have fifteen year of experience in the fabric and trim business. We think that everyone should have some understanding about fabric to help them be more informed when you start to choose the right fabric for your


This is a brief history of how fabric is made. Textiles is the forming of fibers to make fabric. There are four main sources of fibers animal [wool,silk] plant [cotton,flax and jute] glass fibers and synthetic { nylon, polyester and acrylic].

Fabric are created from fibers that are initially colorless, then they are dyed and woven to create a piece of fabric.

The word fabric and cloth are used in textile assembly. Textile is any material made of interlocking fibers as carpeting. Fabric is a material made through weaving, knitting, spreading to form cloth. Polyester fabrics are often chosen for curtains because it is durable, sturdy, and affordable. There are also lightweight and drape well. Polyester fabrics are a good option for bedroom or living room or any place in the house. One place you should not use it is in the kitchen because it is flammable, absorbs odors and does not allow for good air circulation. Some other good choose for window treatment are cotton, silk, linen, velvet, and lace. All of these fabric come in many colors and styles.

There is several material available for chairs and sofas. You should look at fabric that have these characteristics: stain and fade resistance to strength and style. If you understand the different options, you can find the right fabric for your chair or sofa.

Sofa fabric are separated into three types, natural, synthetics and leather. With so many choices, it may be overwhelming to find the right fabric for your sofa. At B. Picky we have skilled associate to help find the right fabric for your decor and budget. Come by and check us out when your are looking for fabric to do that special project.

We carry the best names in the fabric industry like Kravet, Thibaut, Robert Allen and Duralee, to name a few. Check out our web at to find more.


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