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Things to Monogram

I will be talking about items that can be embroidered. Take bags for example, they reveal an array of possibilities… pockets, flaps, straps, and patterns. Bag

Four letter Monogram

trends aren’t always governed by the same rules as garments and other fashion items. As styles change, customers seek something different and unique. Current events also play big role in trends. Crime for example, has partially prompted the popularity of mesh and see-through vinyl bags for schools and sporting events.

Embroidery is a great way to show off your style on these types of bags. A three letter monogram or a design would look great and improve the bags look. Bags are a great way to show off your individual style and embroidery can help to make it more personal. If you look at Vera Bradley and LL Bean you see many styles that can be embroidered. There are bags for every purpose and they come in many colors and styles,tastes in color very, depending on the individual.

Baby items are great for embroidery. Some of the items that come to mind are diaper bags, onesies, bibs, lovies, shoes, blankets, panties and also keepsake pillows. Wedding gifts that are embroidery is a perfect solutions for all concerned . It can add the finishing touch to the ceremony itself. Some items you may look at are pillows, jewelry bags vintage handkerchiefs and totes bags. Bath robes,terry towels silk pajamas with a name is a great gift for bride and groom for honeymoon. You can add embroidered cosmetic bags for bridesmaids gifts and embroidered tie for best man. There is a world of items that you embroidered on to make a gift for someone, this is just a few to look at. Look in your local embroidery shop or any online to find one.

Embroidery items are fun to work with to create a personal gift for anyone you know.

Wedding handkerchief

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