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Trims is like the spice you add to make your dish better or more flavorful, trims make your decor look outstanding. Use them to add color and more style to your pillow and drapes. You can mix and match colors on drapes by using different type of trims to bring out the pattern in the fabric of the drapes. Some trims have many colors in them to work with, that will help bring out the fabric color and style.

Trims have been used for many years to beautify many items. They are used in many ways to add style to our homes, with many more new style being add onto the market I think they will be used for many more years to come.

At B. Picky we have many colors and styles of trims to choose from. You will not have to look long to find the one you want. We sell by the yard and you will not have to buy more then you need to get what you want.

We have a large stock of trims on hand and will order something special for you if we do not have it in stock. We will work with you to get the right trim at a good price also

Check us out at for trims and more we will be updating our trim page in the next few weeks to bring our trims page front and center to make easy to find the trims you want.

Sign up for our newsletter to so that you will see our new trims as they come onboard.

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