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Pillows for your Decor

The right pillow set can completely transform your home’s aesthetic. By arranging a few accent pillows around your living room or bedroom is a simple way to add new color and decor element to these rooms and you can easily change whenever you feel like.

If you are looking to give your room a new life [ but your budget says otherwise] a inexpensive way to give your decor a new look is to add decorative pillows


To help you get started try pillows of different colors and fabric type that work well together. You can stacket them uniformly or throw them about to get a different look. This is not only for your living room you can try this in the bedroom also. You can add some tassel trim to give them one step up.

Try matching the color and style of your room that you had repainted to add new life to a old room. You can add new or old table or a chair that you wanted to use in this room and throw in a few new pillows to bring this style together.

If you are having trouble getting idea for your pillows for this room try looking in magazine and furniture showrooms to get ideas

. Try pillows with decorative trim because they work well with traditional room arrangement. Choose large pillows with solid colors or a simple design and put them a few inches apart into a uniform patten or you can mix up colors and patterns. If you use pillows in high traffic area and if kids are going to be laying on them make sure they have washable covers, also stay away from light colors.

Pillows can make your hold house look great but do not over do it, they also make small rooms look tacket. Work with your pillow shop to bring your room to lite and bring smiles to your face when you show it off.

Let B Picky make your one of a kind pillow bring smiles to your face and your friends also..

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