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Trims for You

Trims has been around since the early ages and were made by many country in the far east. There are three main country that produce trim they are China , India and Singapore. China supply 91% of trims that come into the US.

Trms started out as pieces of yarn woven by hand and sewn together by hand in the eighteen hundreds. This made for high cost and only a few could afford them Then came the mass production phase of making trim. Trims became more affordable and became more popular for use on many items that we use today. Find your style and try trim to make your room become a show place.

Trims is a great way to make your room look new with little time and effect also low cost.

Trims are one way to make a pillows or drapes look special You can add them to sides or tops of drapes and around the edge of pillows or just on the corner. There are many trim styles and colors that can be used to make your pillows or drapery look more customized. There are a large choice of colors to choose from and style for any decor no matter what you want to put them on

Something to keep in mind when buying trims is how to keep them looking good. Some trims can be hand washed, but you need to know if the fabric that you are going to put them on can also be washed if not you will have to remove the trim before washing. Some trim have been pre washed to cut down on shrinkage. If you do wash them always use warm water and low heat to dry them..

Trims come in many style and texture and be can be used on curtain, upholstery and pillows and can be used on many project in your home. At B Picky we carry one of the largest select of trims in Mt Pleasant,SC. We have many choices like tassels fringe, braid and cords. We have a large stock of ball fringe, beaded fringe, brush fringe bullion fringe, cord with lip and eyelash fringe and gimp. Check out our web page to find the color and style you are looking for.

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