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Digitizes are the artists of embroidery

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Digitizes are the artists of embroidery

Digitizing is the first step in the production of embroidery. They are the one who puts all the frame work together. They take your idea or your picture and turn it into a piece of embroidery art. They are the “front line” in the battle for embroidery quality. You can have the best piece of art and not receive good embroidery if the digitizer is not well qualified in the digitizing steps needed to enhancing the creativity of your design.

Not only do they make the design look great but the have to be able to make it look great on all types of fabric. They are responsible for the look, creativity, production and the run time for every design. If the design has problem it will show up every time it is embroidered, so quality is number one. You need to inform the digitizer on what type of material you are planning to put the embroidery on because not all material stitch alike. Your design may need more underlay or special topping to make the quality good on each type of material you are using.

If you need to have something digitized, the embroidery shop should tell you how long will take to complete the design and the cost. Some shops base their pricing on the number of stitches in the design or some have a flat fee. You should be given a cost estimate for digitizing and stitching the item at the time you place the order for embroidery. Many embroidery shops have stock design which will not be an additional cost to you. If your embroidery shop does not have the design you are looking for it may be worth it to you to opt for the digitizing.

Work cost into your choice. Sometimes it's worth the extra cost to get the exact design you visualized and it will be yours alone. No one else will have that design. You will own that design.

Working with a digitizer will make the process fun and you will have input to receive the best embroidery.

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