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Embroidery and Monogram: The Art of Letters

Three Letter Monogram

Embroidery and Monograms: The Art of Letters

What is the difference between embroidery and a monogram you ask?

Embroidery is the stitching of art work to form a design that can be put on clothing or other items.

Embroidery is used to form logos and designs. This can be used for small businesses, large companies boat names, or the name of your summer retreat. An embroidery design can also be used with a monogram.

A monogram is the use of three letters to form the initials of an individual. In a traditional three letter monogram the initials are place first name, last name, then the middle name. Two letter monograms are sometimes used as well. They are typically the same size, but other variations can also be used. Monograms can be used on any personal item. A classic three letter monogram will never go out of style!

An item being monogrammed for a wedding traditionally uses the brides new married initials. If you are looking for a more modern approach, the trend now is to use the bride’s first name, their last name, and the groom’s first name. For example, Jane and David Jackson would be jJd. If you want a different look, try a single letter in a square, a circle, or any decorative border. There full name can be used.

There are thousands of three letter monogram fonts. Check the web to find one you may like. You can put a monogram on almost any item: shoes, hats, handbags, and golf bags. Even home decor items can be monogrammed, like pillows, coverlets, duvets, shower curtains, towels and table runners. A monogram is a great way to personalize any gift for a friend or family member. When it come to monogramming everything is personal! Get out to your local embroidery shop find something to embroidery.

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