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Monogram Placement 101

The placement of monogramming on items has come a long way over the years. We are going to talk about the traditional placement of the three letter monogram. There have been standard placements for a number of years that are still being followed today. This is not written in stone, you can have many variations. You can work with your monogram shop to find what you like. The monogram shop will put your monogram anywhere you want, but not all monograms look appropriate in all spots.

Here is a list of traditional placements for three letter monograms:

-Shirts with pockets

  1. ½ inch above pocket

  2. On right and left cuff

  1. Center on top of pocket

-Shirts without pockets

  1. Left chest 7” down from neck seam

  2. Back of shirt 4”-5” down from collar

-Back of jackets

  1. Approx. 2” to 8” down from the neckline


  1. Approx. 3” above the bottom tip of the tie

  2. Middle placement approx 6” from tip of tie

-Placemats and napkins

  1. In the corner at a 45 degree angle

  2. Straight in the corner

-Bed sheets

  1. Centered, 2” from the top on wide hem upside down, this is done when sheet is folded down on top of the blanket, then the monogram will be seen.

  2. Centered on Band

-Shower Curtains

  1. Centered, 5” above center, This will make it appear eye level when hung

-Bath towels and hand towels

  1. Centered, 1.5” above band on bath towels

  2. Towels without band 4” from hem

  3. Hand towels without band 2” from hem


  1. Center in the corner at a 45 degree angle

These are a few placement ideas that you can use. Try them out the next time you have something monogrammed!

Do not worry

if you want to put a monogram in a non traditional place on your item go for it.

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