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Colors of Thread

colors of thread

Thread is the next important part of embroidery. There is five types of thread rayon, polyester, cotton, silk and metallic. Rayon and polyester are the most common types of embroidery threads. Rayon thread is currently the most popular thread used in embroidery designs. They come in a wide range of colors and shades.

Rayon thread advantages are high sheen, softer, relatively heat resistant and less elasticity than polyester.

Polyester threads on the other hand are more economical. The benefits of polyester thread is it won’t shrink , fade, bleed and is stronger. There are hundreds of colors in any type of thread you may choose to use, this is up to you. Keep in mind the item you are putting the embroidery on, for example a beach towel you may want to use polyester thread because it will hold up to many washing and bleach.

Thread colors are set by the standard Pantone matching system. Suppliers use this system to match their colors. Due to the variations of color-matching, not every thread color offered by the supplier can be cross-referenced to Pantone color chart. Keep in mind that color appearance will vary based on lighting condition and angle of view.

If you have a color that you want to match be sure to bring that item with you. The embroidery shop can help your find a match or come real close. If you plan to use this color more than one time, let embroidery shop know that so they can keep it on file. The more information you give your embroidery shop the easier it will be for you to get exactly what you visualized and completed on time.

Colors are fun to work with so let the rainbow be your color chart. Work with an embroidery shop you know and trust and see a beautiful embroidery.

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