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Embroidery For You

Hats can be Embroidery too

As I mentioned in a previous blog many items were hand embroidery but today you have options. Both hand embroidery and machine embroidery has come long way. This is not about the machine but about how to help you choose what is right for you and to help you to get the best embroidery.

I am writing this to help you be more informed and to received a good quality item when you order embroidery

Someone may ask why do I need to know about embroidery. I say the more informed you are the more satisfied you will be with the finished job. Your options are endless and can be overwhelming. Embroidery can make an inexpensive item very special and personal.

Bags are in style

WE are going to walk you through five stages on how embroidery was started and what to look for when you order something embroidery. Embroidery can make a small gift more personal with little or no effort.

Embroidery is the same as buying a new dress you have to choose color size and style. When you order embroidery you need to choose color size and style. This is where your embroidery shop will work with you to narrow the choices. A 2 inch design on a child's outfit will look complete different from a 15 inch design on shower curtain. Also if you are embroider a pillow you may need a completely different stitch than if you are embroidering a hankie.

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